Read the following Wikipedia paragraph and answer the questions below.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney visited the empty Solyndra factory in mid-2012 as his campaign shifted from the primaries toward the convention and the general election. He criticized the bankruptcy and President Obama’s previous support.[26] Soon after Romney’s visit to Solyndra another solar energy company, Konarka, declared bankruptcy. Like Solyndra, Konarka had received federal financial support. But Konarka also had received 2002 financial support from then-Massachusetts Governor Romney’s administration. As such Konarka became something of a counterpoint to Solyndra in the political exchange with the Democratic president. But this seeming hypocrisy could also be undercut by the fact that the Konarka loan in the amount of $1.5M was repaid whereas the $535M loan to Solyndra was a loss to federal taxpayers.

The moral of the story is:

  1. Republicans are evil. Support government subsidies to industry.
  2. Democrats are evil. Support government subsidies to industry.

The form of logic used in the paragraph is:

  1. Modus pocus.
  2. Modus tollens.