House Bill 947, Eugenics Compensation passed the House Appropriations Committee this afternoon by a strong voice vote.  This bill allocates $11.05 million for payments of $50,000 per person  to between 1,000 and 1,500 living survivors of involuntary sterilization that occurred between 1930s and the  mid-1970s.  It’s moving in tandem with the budget and goes to the floor next, probably tomorrow and Thursday and then will go over to the Senate.

The bill has bi-partisan support with Tillis, Womble, Parmon and Stam as key sponsors with forty-nine co-sponsors.

For more on why this is the right thing to do and what we’ve said about it, see this policy report, and another this history of the eugenics board, commentary here, this CJ report and Hood on the abuse of government  here.