This is actually surprising. The NCAA is considering taking basketball tournaments out of North Carolina because HB2 forbids using the locker room or bathroom of one’s choice. NCAA President Mark Emmert argues:

The issue of creating inclusive environments and making sure that all of the people that are involved in the athletic event is one of the most fundamental bedrock issues for higher education.


For the universities and colleges that are members of the NCAA, diversity and inclusion is one of the benchmark values that every one of those institutions adheres to . . . So, this is an issue of great importance for us. . . . The experience that our student-athletes, teams, universities, the fan base has, in any one community, is a consideration in where we determine to play these games.”

Do you find that intellectually satisfying? Either way, the article in the local daily indicates one who changes gender can actually change their birth certificate, and so HB2 only harms those who, for whatever reason, don’t want to go through with the hassle. That said, I foresee terrible discrimination against women. Since men are typically stronger, tougher, and more aggressive than women – why we have women’s leagues in the first place – any coach in his right mind would stack his women’s team with biological males. Except winning isn’t the objective anymore.