In today’s column, you know where Greensboro News & Record editorial writer Steven Doyle is heading the second you begin reading. Doyle recounts his days as a member of the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity at the University of Mississippi. Either Doyle belonged to the most-straight-laced fraternity in the history of higher education or he’s whitewashing some of their hijinks. No matter—we know where he’s headed—the controversy surrounding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh:

I don’t know that anyone would think that what we did back then, even in our worst moments, would become the focus of a discussion in our adult lives. But then none of us is being considered for a lifetime appointment for the highest court in the land. I can’t imagine sitting under that glare and not feeling ashamed of many chapters of my inadequacy and apologetic to anyone I hurt along the way. Any callousness and disdain would be the greater sin. Seeking forgiveness is no weakness.

Maybe that’s how we should view the disrepute that now haunts would-be justice Brett Kavanaugh. Is the judgment he is showing in addressing the claims by two women modeling the characteristics we want from someone who might sit in our judgment? I think that answer is obvious. His disdain is defining.

And I certainly wouldn’t want him for a fraternity brother.

Kavanaugh’s disdain? Really? Earth to Mr. Doyle–there is no disdain in outright denying these events ever happened. How on earth is supposed to show respect and admiration for someone making allegations that could ruin his life? And to my knowledge Kavanaugh has not a made any sort of personal statement regarding Christine Blasey Ford.

Which is not to say that Ford’s allegations are not true. I don’t that, you don’t that, Steven Doyle doesn’t know that. Apparently Doyle just wishes Kavanaugh would be a little nicer throughout this whole ugly mess, a typical liberal request of conservatives in such matters. Unfortunately liberals rarely take their own advice.