Ouch —N&R Shortstack calls out the two Greensboro City Council who voted against the downtown electric car charging station:

Despite the obvious lack of any downside, City Council members Zack Matheny and Tony Wilkins voted no last week to the installation of a recharging station for electric cars in downtown Greensboro. Fortunately, their seven colleagues voted yes.

That’s because the station adds a forward-looking convenience and public service that may attract more visitors to downtown. Also, the electric car market is expected to expand significantly in coming year, according to city transportation officials.

And the station won’t cost the city one red cent.

Asheville-based Brightfield Transportation Solutions will install the station in the South Elm Street public parking lot. Brightfield will pay the city $1 a year to use the space for 10 years. After that, the city has an option to buy the station.

This was a smart investment in a no-lose proposition.

How dare they vote against electric cars. And I’m not seeing the ‘it won’t cost the city one red cent’ logic when in the next paragraph the N&R says the city has an option to buy the station in 10 years.

*Editorial’s scolding tone reminds me of my favorite bit from The Soup: