Yeah yeah I know President Obama pressed Vietnam on human rights during his recent trip there, but not before he made dadgum sure (channeling my inner Roy Williams here) to point out America’s flaws.

With that in mind, I noted this N&R obituary celebrating the life of a member of Greensboro’s Vietnamese community. There have been more than a few over the years as the generation that witnessed Vietnam’s tragic transformation passes on, and believe you me it’s not the first time I’ve read this sentence (emphasis mine):

Throughout her life, she always lived according to the highest standard of moral values–treating her loved ones and others with compassion, kindness–and class.During the most difficult time of our life in Vietnam, after 1975, she was the glue and the force behind the scene to hold her family together. She faithfully waited and supported her husband, the late Mr. Touprong Hiou, who was imprisoned by communist Vietnam, while she was alone raising her children and helping to raise her grandchildren at home.

Going out on a limb here, I’m guessing the late Mr. Hiou wasn’t imprisoned for insider trading or embezzling. Too much money in politics, the president warns. Growing income equality. Women not making as much money as men. Ooh, scary scary.