I happen to know Lexington attorney and U.S. Senate candidate James Snyder. He is indeed a fine man and conscientious conservative, but is he the candidate with the best shot at defeating incumbent Sen. Kay Hagan?

The N&R thinks so:

Snyder also criticizes excessive executive authority by President Obama; the Affordable Care Act, which he says replaced a system in need of repair with a program that’s too complex and wasteful; unrestricted free trade; too much federal intervention in education; and an unsustainable retirement system. He proposes to replace Social Security for newborn Americans with a $1,500 grant to be invested at birth, which could grow to appropriately $1 million by the time the individual reaches age 65.

These ideas haven’t given Snyder much traction against better-financed opponents. But, while Thom Tillis and Greg Brannon, who are leading in the polls, and other Republicans contend for ground on the farthest right edge of the party, Snyder offers creative solutions to the nation’s problems. He also has a personal manner that would never embarrass North Carolinians.

Fair enough, the N&R endorsed Snyder for lieutenant governor when he ran in 2004 against eventual winner Bev Perdue. But our local paper of record is and always has been in the tank for Hagan, so I can’t help but think they’re endorsing the candidate who has the least chance of defeating her in November.