Greensboro News & Record announces 36 job cuts and a consolidation of its print edition:

The changes, which are driven by efficiencies in production, will include:

Consolidating the Monday, Tuesday and Saturday papers into two sections.

Adding a fourth section to the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday papers.

Merging all news coverage on Sundays into one section and moving the weekly Politics page into Ideas, which will be packaged behind the News & Record’s news coverage.

Consolidating Community News coverage with a higher profile on Fridays and Sundays.

Eliminating the Op-Ed page in the Monday paper.

Eliminating the daily TV grid, the horoscope and other select features.

Cutting four pages from the weekly TV section.

Strange I was going to post yesterday about editor Steven Doyle’s straight-faced column about unbiased reporting by the Associated Press and the Washington Post. N&R readers may or may not know the diff, but for those who pay attention it gives you an idea of the paper’s misreading of its market.

I’m not trying to be flippant about 36 people losing their jobs—I myself am the recipient of a newspaper pink slip—but the most interesting comment came from a former N&R reporter who said via Facebook that she did not know where they could find 36 jobs to cut.

Update:Fourteen job cuts and similar print edition consolidation over the Winston-Salem Journal, the N&R’s BH Media sister publication.