N&R editorial writer Doug Clark has been coming up with some real whoppers lately. For starters, we should all just listen to Jimmy Kimmel to get proper perspective into the healthcare debate. Look, I feel for Kimmel’s son, but let’s be real here—Kimmel’s a comedian paid millions of dollars to crack jokes—to all the social justice warriors out there, I ask where’s the social justice in that?

Next, Clark finds it “amazing” that “a majority in our state Senate thinks the U.S. Constitution is so defective that it needs a potentially massive rewrite”—-never mind the fact that –hello—the Constitution itself allows for a convention of states to propose amendments to put a halt to federal abuses of power. Of course in Clark’s world only Donald Trump–and Donald Trump only–is using and abusing the power of the federal government.

Last but not least, in yesterday’s post Clark–no surprise–takes a issue with the Texas law that–heaven forbid—requires cities to enforce federal immigration law.

But there is this small ray of light:

This was promoted as a public safety measure. If an illegal immigrant fails to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, he should be arrested and deported before he murders someone.

Exactly! I think the N&R might be catching on….