No suprise that today’s N&R editorial slams 6th District Congressional candidate Mark Walker over his recent comments about going to war with Mexico:

It’s reassuring that Republican 6th District congressional candidate Mark Walker does not want the United States to launch a war against Mexico.

He now says he was speaking “tongue-in-cheek” when he said at a campaign gathering in June that “we did it before. If we need to do it again, I don’t have a qualm about it.”

The subject of a limited military role on the border might be worth a serious debate, but going to war against Mexico isn’t an option. This isn’t 1846.

…Walker made the mistake of speaking down to his audience. This happened during the Republican runoff primary campaign, when Walker and Phil Berger Jr. were running as far to the right as they could go. Walker should not have tried to appeal to the most bellicose sentiments of that electorate.

Yeah N&R we know this isn’t 1846 —and they accuse Walker of talking down to his audience. For good measure the editorial takes Walker’s opponent Laura Fjeld to task for calling his comments “just plain crazy.” Let’s hope the N&R keeps good tabs on all the just plain crazy comments that will be made over the next six weeks.

Meanwhile five local sheriffs aren’t bothered by Walker’s comments.