The local paper of record is already taking heat for not taking a stand on Amendment One, and N&R editor Jeff Gauger only makes things worse with an awkward (putting it mildly) attempt to connect with his readers:

What I don’t get is why the two blues, UNC and Duke, have been appropriated by Amendment One partisans.

Most of the “vote yes” yard signs in Guilford County are dressed in Duke blue. People display them to promote amending the state constitution to define marriage as a union between a man and woman.

The “vote no” signs wear UNC blue. Folks show them to say, in effect, don’t touch our constitution on this topic.

My editors (yes, even the editor has editors) went all wonky about whether the sign colors are exactly, precisely, without question the actual UNC and Duke colors. Perhaps not, I s’pose. But they’re close enough to qualify as way more than a coincidence.

Gauger should be the one mocking gaffes like this, not committing them. Remember too that Gauger comes from Ohio, where the gay marriage debate has been going for eight years now and is often cited as a template for Amendment One. Perhaps a little insight would help.

There is good news for the N&R, however —apparently the Rhino didn’t beat them to the punch on controversial Guilford County Manager Brenda Jones Fox’s retirement.

Update: More good news: today’s lead editorial on security at the DNC catches Meck Deck’s attention.