In July, the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Education (NC DNPE) reported that the state had 112,614 homeschools in operation.  The estimated number of homeschool children was 179,900.

I submitted a public information request to obtain the latest number of open schools. As of September 28, North Carolina had 115,336 homeschools.  That is a net gain of 2,722 schools.

At this time, enrollment estimates are not available. In May 2022, NC DNPE will estimate enrollment using a formula based on “the average students per school obtained from all remaining schools within a county that reported student numbers.” The agency will publish that estimate and the final number of schools next July.

Public and private school responses to the pandemic, particularly mask mandates, likely encouraged even more parents to homeschool this year.

Oh, and 11 schools have the word “Jedi” in the name.  May the Force be with you, parents.