I’m just wondering if those on the Left, who claim money in politics is bad, and who don’t believe that money is speech, will be upset by this story. The New York Times reports that, led by George Soros, rich liberals will pour $100 million into electing Democrats. The strategy appears to be community organizing, voter registration, and such. Fine by me. The important task is for free market, limited-government conservatives to be informed about who’s who, so keep an eye out for press releases from, and news stories that quote, these two groups. When you see them, you’ll know where the money is coming from.

In a move likely to draw in other major donors, Mr. Soros will contribute $1 million each to America Votes, a group that coordinates political activity for left-leaning environmental, abortion rights and civil rights groups, andAmerican Bridge 21st Century, a super PAC that focuses on election-oriented research. The donations will be Mr. Soros’s first major contributions of the 2012 election cycle.