Stephen Kruiser writes for about the latest silliness from legacy media outlets promoting President Biden’s re-election.

We have been discussing the efforts of the hacks in the mainstream media to create a fictional Joe Biden since the early days of the 2020 campaign. When Biden was given his order — almost certainly by his wife — to run again this year, I immediately pointed out that they were going to have to wear themselves out to prop up what he’s become since January of 2021.

Michelle Cottle is the national politics writer for the Opinion section of The New York Times, which essentially is a master’s degree in creative fiction. Her latest is titled “What Joe Biden Could Learn From Betty White About Aging in Public.” It’s a fallacious humdinger and yet another disturbing peek into the mind of someone so riddled with advanced Trump Derangement Syndrome that she’s convinced herself that Joe Biden is of sound mind and body. …

… Any essay or article that contains the phrase, “Mr. Biden is an effective president,” isn’t proceeding from reality. You may as well say, “Mr. Biden is a talented opera singer,” or, “Mr. Biden is everyone’s favorite Miss Teen USA winner.” They’re all sentiments that aren’t based on anything observable in the multiverse. 

Cottle is saying that she has a thing for angry old people who aren’t Donald Trump. We are all in agreement that the bar for Biden’s debate is being set as low as possible by the Democrats’ flying monkeys in the mainstream media. This is the clearest indication yet that they’re hoping to get enough amphetamines in him to induce a few “fiery” moments. His people are desperate to have him appear energetic after weeks of freezing and glitching in public. 

You’ll recall that after the State of the Union address, his media minions marveled at his energy. I am a professional entertainer who started in the ’80s; the proper term is “wired.” Biden was able to yell a few times and stand up for an hour, which they tried to turn into him being Abraham Lincoln reincarnated.