Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist takes on a commentator at one of the nation’s leading legacy media outlets.

Many left-wing activists are furious with the court, the last functioning institution in America and the only one they do not control. They have launched a scorched-earth attempt to destroy the court ahead of the end of the term.

One such left-wing activist is Jodi Kantor of The New York Times. Unable to critique the court for any legitimate reason, Kantor has taken to writing numerous obsessive hit pieces not just about the wife of a Supreme Court justice, but about her flag choices.


Kantor is currently spreading an absolutely delusional conspiracy theory that the Appeal To Heaven flag that was commissioned for Gen. George Washington is actually a secret symbol of insurrectionists. Kantor’s claim is that Samuel Alito must recuse from cases because his wife, Martha-Ann, flew a popular and patriotic flag that has been flown for hundreds of years by Americans including possibly by some on Jan. 6, 2021.

It’s an absolutely absurd and laughably illogical claim. The flag is in such wide use that left-wing city San Francisco famously flew it for 60 years in Civic Center Plaza until last week. When The New York Times began pushing its propaganda against the flag, San Francisco quickly removed it to help the left’s efforts against the legitimacy of the Supreme Court. What’s more, The New York Times and other left-wing media outlets never once claimed the flag was one of the flags seen inside the Capitol on Jan. 6, until Kantor published her conspiracy theory last month. …

… Kantor has stayed resolutely on the flag beat, even though there’s no substance and her subsequent reporting on the matter only undermines the claims that the Alitos were in the wrong. Martha-Ann Alito maintains it was a conflict with her neighbors that prompted her to fly an American flag upside down, and Kantor’s follow-up reporting makes it clear that the neighbors are thoroughly obnoxious people who upset Mrs. Alito by displaying political signs with profanity in their yard in front of children.