Seen this story anywhere?

The Obama administration is seeking to skirt the WARN Act by telling defense contractors to hold off on sending out layoff notices that would result from sequestration cuts until —you guessed it —after the election:

In addition to everything else infuriating about this naked re-election ploy, these expenses would go a long way toward defeating the cost-cutting purpose of sequestration. We’ll be taking millions of dollars away from the military, and giving it to lawyers instead. This whole rotten scheme amounts to a massive wealth transfer from taxpayers to law firms. And the many people who lose their jobs due to sequestration will be deprived of the advance warning mandated by the WARN Act, which isn’t going to make their holiday season any more cheerful.

Guilford County has 376 companies that received more $2 trillion in defense contracts between 2000 and 2011. Meanwhile Forsyth County has 173 companies that received $255 million in defense contract during that same time.

Here’s the complete by county list in N.C.