A monthly health tracking poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation had some interesting results this month. The poll found that a staggering 47 percent of the uninsured don’t believe the President’s Health Reform Law, also known as ObamaCare, will make much difference to them. This is far greater than the 31 percent who believe the law will help them… And another 14 percent believe the law will actually hurt them.

The poll has gotten quite a bit of media coverage this week due to other results indicating general public opinion of the law has fallen. Only 39 percent of all Americans now have a favorable view of ObamaCare, and 44 percent have an unfavorable view.

The most interesting part, I believe, is the changes taking place in the partisan arena. Not only did more Republicans favor the law than ever before in the poll (24 percent), but the lowest number of Democrats favor the law than ever before in the poll (60 percent). Independents remained consistent in their favorability views at 33 percent.