CJ’s Donna Martinez analyzes the medical device tax:

It turns out that being a responsible, loving pet owner puts millions of Americans in the financial crosshairs of the federal government. As the Heritage Foundation points out, IRS rules reveal that the medical devices tax imbedded in the government takeover of the health insurance/health care industry ensnares devices that can be used both on people and animals.

Obamacare’s 2.3 percent medical devices tax takes effect Jan. 1 and will be imposed on the manufacturer or importer of the item. It doesn’t take an advanced understanding of economics to realize this tax will be passed from manufacturer to veterinarian or hospital, and then to pet owners seeking care for sick animals. Considering that my beagle is plagued by medical issues, I’m a prime target to get dinged.

I cringe to think that sick animals will suffer because the increased cost of certain instruments and materials has moved the price of pet care beyond the owners’ reach.

Remember 18 Democrats —including Sen. Kay Hagan —- believe the medical device tax will cost jobs.