Triad Conservative alerts us to the Biz Journal write-up of the recent Greensboro Chamber of Commerce meeting where WFU law professor Mark Hall made some interesting comments about the Affordable Care Act.

Hall described Obamacare as a ‘three=legged stool.’ I won’t go into the details about how he conjured that imagery, but here’s the bottom line:

As Hall noted, if you go by what the law is called, the “Affordable Care” Act, you’d be mistaken.

“One thing it doesn’t do is it doesn’t make care more affordable,” Hall said said during the discussion, which was organized by Pilot Benefits. “Mistake number one was to call it that. It doesn’t change in any significant way how doctors and hospitals are paid.”

As Hall noted, while many opponents might criticize the bill for not reducing health care spending, “the main point is it does not affect how health care is delivered or paid for. … That point is lost on about half of the population.’

In the end however, Hall stresses the positives:

That kind of assurance could prompt someone to venture out to start a new business whereas in the past a question mark about obtaining insurance coverage as an entrepreneur might have loomed.

Someone reluctant to leave a job to go back to school for a degree now doesn’t have to wonder about whether they can get coverage, or someone in a bad marriage can leave without feeling shackled to a spouse’s health insurance plan, Hall said.

All fine and good I guess —but anyone who thinks Obamacare is going to save money is dreaming.