Those who have purchased their health insurance on the private market and made the decision to be responsible for themselves and not depend on an employer or government for coverage will be penalized under ObamaCare.

Vikki Swanson, 49, of Newport Beach, Calif., resents that the added benefit may lead to higher costs for her. ‘‘I had a hysterectomy, I have no need for maternity coverage, but I have to now pay for it,’’ she said.

As a self-employed accountant and financial analyst, Swanson has paid for her insurance coverage on the individual market for about 13 years. She watched her monthly premium climb from around $136 in 2001 to more than $600 before she could find cheaper coverage. She’s frustrated that the overhaul may add to her bill.

‘‘I have to pay not only my own premium but I have to subsidize everybody else,’’ she said.

We now penalize producers and those who take care of themselves and instead bestow virtue and benefits on those who’ve failed to take responsibility for themselves.