Since it was passed back in 2010 we have been told that the Affordable Care Act would lead to fewer emergency room visits because more people would be covered by both private insurance and Medicaid. Well, after more than a year of expanded coverage under Obamacare ER visits are on the rise. And we are told what by the Asheville Citizen Times? That it’s because of Obamacare. In fact we are told that without any sense of irony.  According to the Citizen Times:

Visits to hospital emergency rooms are on the rise in the Carolinas and around the country, with experts pointing to the physician shortage and Obamacare as possible reasons.

It goes on to point out that:

Nearly three in 10 ER doctors in the survey said visits have increased significantly since the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, took effect. More than half also said the number of Medicaid patients being seen in the ER has grown, according to the report released this month.

Hmmm. We all thought that being covered by Medicaid was going to get people out of the ER and into the doctor’s office.

Since the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, took effect, about 16.9 million Americans have gotten insurance, either through the state and federal marketplace set up under Obamacare, through expanded Medicaid coverage, or other insurance, according to RAND. That might account for at least part of the increase in states that expanded Medicaid coverage, experts say.

This is just all so confusing. Could the Citizens Times be telling us that Obamacare is actually having an effect that is the opposite of what we were told and what was originally intended? Well, I just can’t believe that.