My latest column on Townhall discusses Obama’s noxious and offensive attempt to turn Jesus into a Marxist to suit his own political ends. A snippet:

How, then, does that teaching coincide with Obama’s desire to tax the rich? Quick answer: it doesn’t, not by a long chalk. But let us try to see it as the president does.

Who are the servants the master wishes the manager to care for? That one is easy; the poor.

Who is the manager? Also easy: the rich.

Who is the master? Well, there’s the thing. It has to be Obama, doesn’t it? Or perhaps just the government. Either way, in Obama’s mind, the rich have been given much — not responsibility; riches — by the government (oh, no, they didn’t earn those riches on their own). Now, much riches are required — by Obama.

Who are the hearers to identify with? Why, the poor servants, of course. We are to root for Obama to take much from the rich. And we’re supposed to think something about how Jesus would’ve wanted it that way.

But who gets the money? The government. We the poor get nothing other than the consolation that Obama the master isn’t going to ask us for any more.