Rolls into G’boro:

Republican pundit Cal Thomas added his voice Wednesday to a rally encouraging support for conservative candidates and policies.

Thomas, a Fox News contributor and the keynote speaker, said he was surprised to see the Democratic Party put God in its political platform.

“I don’t think God wants to be associated with 55 million abortions, same-sex marriage and out-of-control spending,” he said.

Thomas touched on multiple issues. He said America has become an entitlement society.

“The prevailing attitude is, ‘If you earn $2 and I earn $1, you owe me 50 cents,’ ” Thomas said. “Some people are lazy, and those people deserve a kick in the butt.”

Note the predictable ‘old white people’ comments beneath the N&R write-up. Tell it to this conservative blogger, who would have been better off hanging out with Cal Thomas than outside the MSNBC studio.