Want to know what’s in Charlotte’s bid to snag Amazon’s second headquarters? Officials won’t give up the information, according to the Charlotte Observer. Officials simply aren’t talking.

The N.C. Commerce Department has declined to provide details of the incentives package the state would provide for any of its bidding regions: Charlotte, Hickory, the Triangle and the Triad. Spokeswoman Beth Gargan said the negotiations over incentives will continue until Amazon announces sometime next year where it will locate its second headquarters.

 The story then shares the concern of JLF’s Julie Tisdale over giveaways in the bids. (FYI, the story misidentifies Julie’s role at JLF. She is city and county policy analyst)
“Amazon is suggesting that money should be taken from businesses with roots in the local economy … and be given to them for HQ2, which will then compete with many of those very same small businesses,” wrote Julie Tisdale, president of the Raleigh nonprofit John Locke Foundation, in a recent blog post.
What else does Julie have to say in her analysis of the Amazon giveaways? Read it here.