Gov. Perdue recently told MSNBC that North Carolina’s economy has “bounced back.” Really? Let’s ask North Carolinian Kimberly White about that.

Two weeks ago her unemployment benefits ran out. White saw an opening for payment center work at a utility company and decided she wasn’t going to let that opportunity pass her by.

White put on a “Wounded Warriors” ball cap, pulled on a pair of gloves and placed her resume, driver’s license, phone, house keys and a copy of The Gazette with the job listing into a backpack.

She pedaled her daughter’s bright pink mountain bike from Cherryville to Lincolnton’s JobLink Career Center on Sept. 10, making the 26-mile round trip journey by bicycle in about three hours.

Economic policies have consequences for real people.

Hope and pray that Kimberly White finds a job. Getting this economy back on track starts here.