The City of Asheville is going to partner with partners (Thass wo it say!) to get more people signed up for Obamacare. Asheville’s partnership will be a waiver of $500 in rent for the US Cellular Center. Tax dollars uncollected would presumably need restoration; the budget is so lean, right? Well, the discount is provided to support a very partisan initiative, which is fine in a town where only 15 percent of people suffer tyranny by the majority.

As an aside from the ranks of the oppressed, when I finally got around to doing my taxes, my accountant (I had to hire one due to anxiety attacks.) asked why I did not sign up for Obamacare. I said I had believed legislators when they said they were going to repeal it. That answer was too stupid, so he opted for something like “too expensive.” Actually, I was somewhat disingenuous. The real reason I did not sign up for it is I don’t want the federal government overseeing healthcare. It’s too Orwellian, and when I was a child, that was a bad thing.

Coming at it from another angle, maybe I’m reading too much into the document. Speed-reading it, like I assume councilors who ask questions clearly stated in their staff reports do – for members of the public – it looks like it’s open season on Obamacare. Strategies referenced include kicking off and spearheading. Did I read that right?