Orange County property tax bills arrived in the mail this week. When you live in the most liberal county in the state, with a tax rate of 85 cents per $100 of assessed valuation,  the bill is a whopper and another reminder that those who live north of I-40/Hillsborough have representation in name only. The leftists in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Hillsborough proper dominate politics  and policy, with many votes ending up as 2-to-1 routs by the Left over rural residents.

And that’s why I had to laugh when I overheard a proud and vocal liberal who lives in my neighborhood express frustration with the new property tax bill. This person couldn’t understand why the bill is so high. The irony is  this person is a vocal supporter of government intervention and growth — at all levels of government — and a proud supporter of Obamacare and all the regulations and taxes that go with it. Will this person now make the connection between policies and the tax bill? I remain hopeful.

I suggest this as a primer for this person and others who may be waking up to the crushing impact of government growth.