Once again cut through the Greenway at Fisher Park on my way to the Hoppers game last night. Lots of cars in the parking lot and more than a few young hipsters hanging out enjoying a mild August evening. Great seats, great crowd, great game, Hoppers win 9-4.

All that joy aside, I still feel it’s my duty to to make you aware of this NYT book review that pretty much debunks the the theory that Amnericans desire an urban lifestyle.

Charlotte –host of the upcoming DNC —- is by far a success story with only 12,000 residents downtown. Uptown. And Chicago —- where you-know -who organized the community —has its ‘Gazillionaires Row’ —– but unfortunately the “city’s meld of high taxes and low-quality services has pushed the region’s black and white middle-class families into the exurbs, where they bear the burden of high gasoline costs but avoid paying for Chicago’s huge public sector.”

Update: Remiss in not mentioning problems with G’boro’s high-rise apartment building.