Anna Zeigler writes for the Federalist about the latest example of a Democratic politician evading attacks for conduct that would sink most Republicans.

Prior to Rep. Ilhan Omar’s emergence on the national scene, the message was already clear, and tragic: It matters not what you say or do, but rather to which groups you belong. A “D” after your name buys you cover from your own party and from most of the national media. Not one of the Virginia politicians whose questionable pasts came to light in February have stepped down, despite the women who accused Virginia Lt. Gov Justin Fairfax of sexual assault stating they are willing to testify about their experiences.

I have watched with intense curiosity (that quickly turned to deep sadness) as Nancy Pelosi, other Democrats, and many in the national media scrambled to figure out how to handle blatant anti-Semites in their ranks. Omar is a member of a handful of coveted victim groups, after all. She came to this country as a refugee from Somalia. She is a non-Caucasian and a Muslim. She drips of every label for which the Democrats routinely go to bat.

She is featured, alongside Pelosi, on the cover of this month’s Rolling Stone magazine. She is literally their new poster girl (or at least cover girl), and they have ultimately decided they will provide her the cover they provided Clinton, Kennedy, Byrd, Northam, and others. They will excuse her anti-Semitism because she is a valuable commodity to them, and because they fear the wrath of their rabid base.

The tricky part for Democrats is that Omar’s remarks are highly specific and target a group whose population was literally reduced by six million not so long ago.