Western North Carolina made the Carolina Journal for citizen opposition to forced annexation. Woodfin and Asheville, as a proclaimed defensive measure, staked out territories in the county for annexation. Students of David Rusk in high places fear municipalities unable to extend into the soft-tissue of unincorporated areas suffer certain death. Citizens, however, protest government is supposed to protect their rights to property, not conquer their lands to impose taxes. Involuntary annexation is taxation without representation, and U.S. citizens wouldn’t mind armed forces fighting for their ability to live in a democracy once in a while. While the four-year debate has dragged on, persons holding property in staked-out annexable territories have voluntarily annexed themselves under the dominion of the rival conqueror.

Meanwhile, Biltmore Lake is to have its day in court tomorrow, challenging Asheville’s attempt to annex its residents. Contrary to popular opinion, Asheville has a much lower annexation rate than comparable North Carolina cities. (See slide #7 here.)