North Carolina state government has a poor history of maintaining a “rainy-day” savings reserve fund. John Locke Foundation Fiscal Policy Analyst Joseph Coletti is spending part of this morning on WFAE Radio discussing the merits of “rainy-day” reserves. Meanwhile, late-breaking news about the indictment of former Easley aide Ruffin Poole helped Carolina Journal Managing Editor Rick Henderson earn air time on Curtis Media Group’s “People and Politics” program. Vice President for Outreach Becki Gray also returns this week to “People and Politics.” Gray’s debate topics include the Massachusetts Senate election and President Obama’s first year in office. (Gray also hits the road to Wisnton-Salem this weekend to offer a legislative update to the board of the Fair Annexation Coalition.) The Massachusetts Senate race also dominated the conversation as communications director Mitch Kokai made his monthly appearance with Curtis Wright on WLTT Radio’s “Morning Beat.” Wright and Kokai also discussed the fate of ObamaCare and Gov. Beverly Perdue’s first year. Education Policy Analyst Terry Stoops recently granted an interview to State Government Radio on Perdue’s education agenda. Stoops emphasized that two major planks of Perdue’s plan mirror longstanding John Locke Foundation recommendations: incentives for highly qualified teachers who head to low-performing schools and a nationally normed achievement test. (In addition to his radio work, Stoops’ research into school dropout prevention efforts attracted attention this week from the Beaufort Observer.)