Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s selection of Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate prompted supporters to unearth video of former two-time Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Erskine Bowles praising Ryan’s budget proposals. WTVD Television interviewed John Locke Foundation Director of Communications Mitch Kokai about that video. Kokai also debated a proposed minimum-wage increase and discussed the North Carolina governor’s race during an appearance on News 14 Carolina’s “Capital Tonight.”

Curtis Wright grilled Kokai about the latest state government news during an appearance this morning on the WAAV/WFNC Radio morning program. Kokai is scheduled to serve as a panelist this afternoon for the Daily Tar Heel‘s videotaped roundtable discussion of North Carolina’s role in the national election picture.

Vice President for Outreach Becki Gray continues her semiweekly politics and public policy updates for WTSB Radio listeners. Gray will speak Sunday at the Western Wake Republican group’s “Patriots Picnic” in Cary. promoted Gray’s Locker Room blog entry highlighting a new message for President Obama from the owners of the Snoopy’s hot dog restaurant.

The Greensboro News & Record‘s “Mixing It Up” column cited Piedmont Publius blogger Sam Hieb‘s reaction to a former police officer who was scolded because of foul-mouthed comments during a recent city council meeting. A Kinston Free Press columnist noted Carolina Journal Associate Editor Barry Smith‘s article on the potential North Carolina impact from the “Taxmageddon” associated with the impending end of the Bush tax cuts.

The Duplin Times is publishing Carolina Journal Radio Co-Host Donna Martinez‘s column about efforts to tear down the successful and productive members of society. The Salisbury Post cited JLF in discussing a Spencer alderman’s efforts to boost the community’s transparency grade at N.C. Senate Republicans promoted CJ contributor Jay Schalin‘s article about the University of North Carolina system’s budget picture.

The Independent Weekly mentioned JLF in an article about a Raleigh town hall meeting this week on the pros and cons of campaign finance rules associated with the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling.