August 15, 1754 | Benjamin Hawkins was born in Warren County. He became one of North Carolina’s first United States Senators. President George Washington later appointed him Principal Temporary Agent for Indian Affairs South of the Ohio River. 

August 16, 1918 | A German U-boat torpedoed the British tankerMirlo, off the North Carolina coast and set it ablaze. The crew fled in three rescue boats. Two made it to safety. The Chicamacomico Lifesaving Station crew set out to rescue the Mirlo crew. They were unable to save everybody, yet the North Carolina rescue station saved six. 

August 17, 1816 | Samuel Johnston of Chowan County passed away. He was one of North Carolina’s first United States Senators. He was a leading Patriot and Federalist. He played an integral role in the state’s two ratification conventions

August 18, 1590 | John White returned to Roanoke Island with supplies. There was no settlement to be found. He found only “CROATOAN” carved in a tree. The Roanoke Colony became known as the “Lost Colony.”

August 19, 1956 | For a long time, North Carolina had the largest Highland Scots population outside of Scotland. The first Highland Games were held near Linville in Avery County. It became a popular, recurring event that gained international fame.