August 22, 1914 | Mary L. Wyche passed away. She was a pioneer in the nursing profession. Educated in Philadelphia, she later worked at Rex Hospital in Raleigh. She formed two organizations: Raleigh Nurses’ Association and the North Carolina Nurses’ Association. She has been compared to Clara Barton.

August 23, 1784 | The State of Franklin was formed. People in far western North Carolina (now modern-day East Tennessee) felt disconnected from the political hub of the state, New Bern. North Carolina threatened force to keep the western counties within the state, and Congress never recognized the State of Franklin. It ended in 1789.

August 24, 1869 | Harriet Morrison Irwin designed a hexagonal house. The Charlotte house had no hallways or four-cornered rooms. She was the first woman to receive an architectural patent.  

August 25, 1774 | The First Provincial Congress was held in New Bern. North Carolina was the first colony to hold an assembly apart from the royal government. Delegates urged that there be a Continental Congress. There would be four more Provincial Congresses.

August 26, 1747 | Spanish privateers attacked Beaufort. The siege lasted three days before colonists turned away the invaders.