August 29, 1882

A leading female doctor during her career, Connie Guion was born near Lincolnton. She was the first female professor of clinical medicine. She spent an almost fifty-year career at Cornell University.

August 30, 1794

Royal Botanist of France, Andre Michaeux climbed Grandfather Mountain. He visited North Carolina many times and searched for and identified new plant species. One specie is the Big Leaf Magnolia. 

August 31, 1950

Designer of Dorton Arena in Raleigh, Matthew Nowicki died in a plane crash. The structure is on the Register of Historic Places because of its cutting-edge design; it has a cable-supported roof system, the first in the world. 

September 1, 1870

Abraham Galloway passed away. Born in Southport, Galloway helped raise black troops for the Union Army during the Civil War. He soon focused on politics; he helped form North Carolina’s first freedmen’s convention and became a state senator. 

September 2, 1952

Grandfather Mountain’s swinging bridge was dedicated by William Umstead. The bridge is 228 feet. Its nickname is the “The Mile High Swinging Bridge.”