September 5, 1802

John Stanly and Richard Dobbs Spaight dueled in New Bern. After the death of Spaight, the General Assembly outlawed dueling

September 6, 1958

William R. Valentiner passed away. He was the founding director of the North Carolina Museum of Art. 

September 7, 1859

John Merrick was born. He later owned five barbershops and started North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company. It was the largest black-owned business not only in North Carolina but also in the United States. 

September 8, 1663

Sir John Colleton, a Lords Proprietor, received the first transfer of land during the Lords Proprietors rule. It was in modern-day Dare County.

September 9, 1780

Patriots and Tories fight at Wahabs Plantation in modern-day Union County. William Richardson Davie led the Patriot forces.