Pete Kasperowicz of the Washington Examiner explains why he’s not losing any sleep over a federal government shutdown.

The partial shutdown of the U.S. government that started Saturday is a testament to the inability of our two major political parties to do anything but kowtow to their respective bases, and their failure to sit down together to work out a deal.

Isn’t it great?

Far from being an embarrassment, these shutdowns show regular Americans, wielding only the power to vote in national elections every two years, are kings and queens of the realm.

Look what politicians will do for a vote. Democrats will let the government shut down just to show their allegiance to the Dreamers. Republicans will let it shut down to satisfy GOP voters who insist on border wall funding before helping Dreamers.

And both are willing to gamble that a majority will see it their way in November.

They’re not really fighting over spending or immigration or the military. They’re fighting over us and for our attention.

Name another major power government that would shut down chunks of itself — nonviolently, without any involvement from its military — in a battle to win the adoration of regular folks. Would Russia shut down because its people were split over where to build the next Internet troll farm? Would China?