The Mooch is out, but David Marcus explained in a Federalist column published before Monday’s shocking announcement why he was glad Anthony Scaramucci had taken the job as White House communications director.

When President Trump hired Anthony Scaramucci as his communications director, he was sending a very clear message about the future of his administration. When a week later he leaned into the mic and told Reince Priebus, “You’re fired,” he doubled down on that message. In short, the president is saying: I got elected doing things my way and ignoring you GOP blowhards, and that isn’t going to change.

In the long run, that decision will be good for Trump and for the American people. The reason everyone from Pennsylvania Avenue to Main Street should celebrate this move is that it finally puts the cards on the table. Throughout the campaign and even after it, we had GOP officials predicting that Trump could be guided, molded into a responsible Republican president. It has never been true, and we are all better off for finally realizing it. …

… When considering Donald Trump, one thing is important to remember: he means what he says. This weekend Trump suggested that police need not be terribly careful in ensuring that suspects being put in police cars aren’t accidentally injured. He told police they don’t have to put a hand on suspects’ heads when putting them into a police car. As many police forces have said in response, this is not their policy, and frankly it is dangerous to officers who don’t want to escalate situations and put themselves in danger.

Any normal White House communications team would be working overtime to mitigate the president’s remarks. Thus far, Scaramucci’s team is doing no such thing. Why not? Because it is what the president actually believes, for better or worse. And in an environment where our nation’s police are under constant attack for brutality—some real, some imagined—it’s a message that plays with a law and order base.

At the end of the day, it’s better that we know what the president genuinely feels about such issues, not what his comms team thinks is the best message.