It would be nice if I didn’t have to read any more from religious apologists running for office. Some days, it seems like freedom of religion is a concept as obscure to office seekers as other “original intents.” I am so torqued off tonight, I am tempted to speculate that something in the hypocritical, megalomaniac brain chemistry renders appreciation of the concept (or confidence that the little voters can embrace the concept) beyond reach. Whether or not one accepts tenets like (1) God (or whatever you want to call him) gave us all we have, and all we can give him is our hearts, (2) Love is the greatest power in the universe, or (3) An all-wise, all-knowing God is not going to want to surround himself with sycophants – freedom of religion is an “I’m OK, you’re OK” kind of thing. It is not necessary for a politician to refer to his church hierarchy or the God of the Universe as embarrassing incidentals to be put aside when they interfere with the perceived political climate. I would like just for once to hear a politician admit the Creator knows more than his handlers, proclaim his unbending devotion to his core beliefs, and promise to protect the right of all others to follow their hearts with unbending devotion – until there is a clear and present danger of collateral damage, of course.