As the Friendly-Hobbs mixed use rezoning case comes down to the wire — the Greensboro City Council will vote on it during tonight’s meeting —-council member Nancy Hoffmann lashed out via Facebook at rezoning opponent Friendly Coalition for spreading the rumor that Hoffmann is looking to sell her District 4 residence near the site in question.

However, it appears as though Hoffmann and Friendly Coalition attorney Don Eggleston have hashed things out. Eggleston posted 18 hours ago:

I had a nice discussion with Ms. Hoffman this morning in which we discussed the concerns she has expressed in her post. She has graciously allowed me to post this response. I shared with her that several members of the Friendly Coalition had been told by two separate residents of Friendly Homes West that Ms. Hoffman’s unit had been shown to interested persons. This was the source of information from which members had reasonably concluded that Ms. Hoffman was trying to sell her unit and thus move. I expressed to her that I believed that those facts could reasonably lead to a concern that Ms. Hoffman would be leaving the district, a fact, that if true, would certainly be relevant to our concerns given Ms. Hoffman’s position as District 4 representative. However, Ms. Hoffman told me that she, while those persons had looked at her unit at their request, she was not trying to sell. I have no reason to disbelieve her assurance and I have so-informed our group.

Adjacent property owners filed a protest petition, so the rezoning must be a approved by a council supermajority —seven votes. N&R reports council member Marikay Abuzuaiter is a confirmed ‘no.’ It will remain to be seen whether two more ‘no’ votes can be scrounged up.