Cary Mayor Harold Weinbrecht notes in his Cary Citizen blog that his “mailbag” included one complaint letter about the massive cost overrun for the theater project. 

Emails from citizens this week included a complaint about the downtown movie theater cost overrun, suggestions to support and oppose several rezonings, a request to open a dead end road, and a complaint about my votes were creating sprawl.

One one? Based on what’s going on — the project cost has doubled from $3 to $6 million – you would think more taxpayers would be concerned. Here’s my previous blog post on this. Here’s a taste of the recent story that noted the Cary council had rejected staff suggestions to cut $300,000 from the over-budget project.

Staff had offered a host of cost-cutting options, including “packaged roof-top mechanical units;” the replacement of some limestone accents with precast concrete; the elimination of the addition’s third floor and sheet rock in the theater ceiling; and the resizing of poster boxes.