How sad for the children that many of their teachers think this way. From the Fayetteville Observer:

More than half the Cumberland County teachers eligible for a controversial four-year work contract have opted out of consideration for it.

Superintendent Frank Till Jr. told school board members today that 1,358 teachers signed forms asking that their names be removed from consideration. They represented 54 percent of 2,524 teachers determined to be eligible for the state-mandated contract.

The contract has drawn fire from school boards and teachers around North Carolina because, under a state law that passed last year, it can be offered to just 25 percent of a school system’s teachers.

Teachers who take the contract will get an annual raise of $500 and also agree to an immediate end to their tenure. The same law mandates an end to tenure for all teachers in 2018.

The mindset of some teachers seems to be that they are entitled to a job — no matter what. No matter their performance. No matter the achievement level of their students. No matter the teacher’s skill level. No matter their expertise. No matter their impact on students.

What a shame for the kids. Just add it to the list of shame.