Earlier this year I blogged about Orange County’s “Big Brother” recycling program that features recycling carts that contain radio frequency monitors. From the county news release:

The carts will also be equipped with an RFID tag (or “radio-frequency identification”) that will tie the cart to each address and will help measure participation rates.

Now we find out that the carts are not only causing problems, even to those who want to use them, the county spent $1 million on the bright blue eyesores.

Give your big, blue recycling roll cart a chance, Solid Waste Director Gayle Wilson says.

The last of more than 18,000 95-gallon recycling carts were rolled out last week in Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Hillsborough. Wilson said they ordered roughly $1 million worth of carts, including some extras for future customers. Items left curbside in the old 18-gallon bins won’t be collected.

And now you have an idea of what the progressives who run the county deem to be a vital local service.