Sally Zelikovsky writes for the American Thinker about a key difference between the American political left and right.

Probably the most truthful thing Nancy Pelosi has ever uttered is “We [Democrats] don’t agonize. We organize.” For decades, Democrats have been strategically honing extensive networks that coordinate action and funding between government agencies, elected officials, NGOs, corporations, schools, houses of worship, cultural institutions, unions, industries, and now the military. They are the industrious ant colonies of politics.

Republicans, on the other hand, do not organize. We agonize. We are more comfortable wringing our hands, quoting the Founding Fathers, listening to talk radio, and going on cruises than organizing and taking meaningful action. We are the Woody Allens of politics.

No doubt there are Republicans and conservatives who indefatigably dedicate endless hours to politics. But for those who’ve tried to herd conservative cats and nudge them to action, the “assiduous conservative activist” appears to be an outlier.

I honestly don’t know why, so I fall back on It’s just not in our DNA. Maybe we so value our privacy that we prefer going it alone? Maybe our rugged individualism makes us hopelessly self-sufficient? Maybe Don’t Tread on Me implicitly promises And I Won’t Tread on You?

Whatever the reason, the country is under a coordinated attack from within and if we don’t organize and take action, America will wither on the vine.

The good news is that Democrats have so wildly overplayed their hand, they’ve proven they aren’t sincere negotiating partners who share our goals for America. There is no reason, then, for Republicans to cross the aisle.

What about their Achilles Heel? Ask any Republican to pinpoint a major weakness of the American left and the silence is deafening. How can we defeat a political enemy without identifying their vulnerabilities?

The answer is in plain sight: when conservatives threaten, pressure, or forcefully engage the left; push and punch back harder than pushed or punched; or do the unexpected — the left panics and exposes their anti-American, anti-family, anti-freedom underbelly.