A Charlotte Business Journal profile of John Locke Foundation founding chairman Art Pope quoted John Hood. (Depictions of Pope as a Machiavellian mastermind amuse those close to him. “I call it the Pope Derangement Syndrome,” said John Hood, president of the John Locke Foundation. Hood said the notion of Pope as a lightning rod makes little sense because most people have no idea who he is. “Most Democrats laugh at this stuff. You’re hearing from a few left-wing politicians and commentators.”) The Charlotte Observer‘s “Campaign Tracker” blog also cited JLF in an item about Pope.

A Durham Herald-Sun article on Mayor Bill Bell’s call for increased gun control quoted from Jon Ham’s “Right Angles” blog entry responding to Bell’s recommendations. A Wilmington Star-News historical brief on the “Liberty ship” Howe referenced the N.C. History Project.

A WRAL Television report on a climate science presentation at the state Legislative Building from John Droz referenced JLF.