Horse-drawn carriages are the latest target for big-government liberals and their allies at PETA. Not surprisingly, ultra-leftist New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio is among those leading the charge to throw people out of work and end an enchanting tradition.

One boost for operators came from actor Liam Neeson, who supports the industry and toured New York stables with reporters this month. He said Mr. de Blasio should have “manned up” and accepted an invitation to see how the animals are treated. In response, a de Blasio spokeswoman said the industry isn’t humane and that the mayor was developing a plan to help both animals and drivers.

Carriage drivers in several cities said they are feeling the pressure. “We’re all one mayor away from going out of business,” said Tommy Doyle, owner of Palmetto Carriage Works in Charleston, S.C., and a board member of the Carriage Operators of North America.

Yes, there have been reports of animals dying. Yes, that is tragic. And no, there is no way to make any industry — whether it relies on humans or animals — to be 100% safe. Nor is there any way to ensure that any and every industry is populated by people who are caring and humane 100% of the time. It is folly to shut down industries because of “what if.” Those who are cruel to animals should be prosecuted.