Democrats in Virginia kept their hold on governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general, and made significant gains in the House of Delegates. Even if Republicans win all three seats that are too close to call, they will have lost fifteen seats. If the seats go the other way, Democrats will have a four-seat advantage for the first time since 2000.

Even before the election, the Washington Post highlighted the “astronomically larger” level of monetary, organizational, and technology support outside groups provided Democrats. Some of the groups mentioned

There’s a Democratic super PAC planning to spend $1 million — with an eye to a bigger goal of raising $100 million to take control of state houses across the country.

Run for Something, which helps train and raise money for 10 delegate candidates in Virginia

Progressive Campaign Change Committee

a Sister District program in Massachusetts raising money,

a group of Los Angeles filmmakers cutting a campaign ad

a D.C. organization deploying canvassers

Mobilize America, a group founded by an Obama staffer turned Silicon Valley executive

Win Virginia [which received $300,000 from LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman]

Let America Vote

National Democratic Redistricting Committee

Forward Majority’s $1 million foray into Virginia involves digital advertising and voter outreach in 12 contests that aren’t top priorities of party leadership

We might expect similar efforts on behalf of Democrats in North Carolina next year’s General Assembly elections.