It’s Memorial Day. Many news outlets have given their employees the day off to spend some time thinking about what it means to send people out to die in combat so we can live free of government whim, oppression, privilege, excessive taxation, snooping, and search and seizure without probable cause; with freedom of expression, the right to worship as we please, the right to scarf Twinkies and popcorn, the right to build a shed in a floodplain, and the right to work as hard as we can to trade goods for the things we desire instead of purchasing subsidized cronies. It has been said we send young men off to die for that which our illustrious leaders so cavalierly vote away. Well, the more we keep it up, the more grueling the battle to regain lost freedoms is likely to be. ‘Tleast that’s my philosophy. Enjoy a fat-free hotdog on a gluten-free bun with organic, salmonella-free catsup today, while you can still afford it.