N&R editorial on next week’s DNC:

The Queen City of the Carolinas boasts a population of 772,627 (2.5 million in its metro region), shows off a glittering skyline and claims two major-league sports teams (if you count the Bobcats). Its impressive corporate lineup includes Bank of America and Duke Energy, both headquartered in Charlotte. It has first-rate museums, medical centers and a light-rail system (in progress for many years yet to come) for which no expense has been spared.

All these attractions, and the fact that North Carolina is a battleground state in this year’s presidential campaign, led to Charlotte’s proudest achievement: hosting the Democratic National Convention, which begins next Tuesday. President Barack Obama will crown the event with his nomination acceptance speech before a full house at Bank of America Stadium Sept. 6.

Full house, eh? That is if all the free tickets were picked up.