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    Choosing Middle School Textbooks: Is North Carolina Failing Its Students?

    January 28, 2003
    All middle school teachers in North Carolina have to teach physical science, which is required for middle school students in NC public schools. Unfortunately, over 80% have never taken a physical science course and many of those who have, have taken a course that is of no help to their students. Naturally, with their limited backgrounds, they hare heavily dependent on the materials they are given to teach from. In addition, in many instances these materials form the teacher’s own introduction to the subjects. It is especially important, therefore, that the textbooks and other materials that teachers and students are forced to use get it right.
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    Legislature to Face Budget Challenge

    January 23, 2003
    RALEIGH — Even after much-publicized budget “cuts” in each of the past three fiscal years, North Carolina state spending this year is up 80 percent from what it was 10…
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    Perspective on NC Budget: Spending is the Problem, Not Lack of Tax Revenue

    January 22, 2003
    North Carolina lawmakers are once again coming to Raleigh to grapple with a projected deficit exceeding $1 billion. A close examination of fiscal trends demonstrates that excessive spending, not inadequate revenue, is the cause and that the state budget continues to be bloated with wasteful or low-priority expenditures. Policymakers must show courage, be willing to apply fundamental principles, and target major areas of state spending for savings and reform.
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    National Board Certification: Is North Carolina Getting Its Money’s Worth?

    January 13, 2003
    The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) is a private organization formed in 1987 with the goal of establishing standards for teaching effectiveness and certifying those teachers it identified as especially capable. NBPTS has written standards that purport to show what accomplished teachers “should know and be able to do” and has established a certification procedure that relies on videotapes, portfolios and written essays. There are currently more than 16,000 National Board certified teachers in the United States, more than 20% of them in North Carolina.
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    Charlotte Tops in Local Taxes, Again

    January 7, 2003
    RALEIGH — Local taxes and fees in Charlotte totaled more than $1,920 per resident in 2001, ranking North Carolina’s largest city No. 1 for local government costs among major cities…
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    North Carolina Has Stake in Bush Plan

    January 6, 2003
    RALEIGH — As President Bush prepares to announce his $600 billion economic-growth package today at the Chicago Economic Club, local economists are pointing to proposed changes in the taxation of…
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    By the Numbers 2003: What Government Costs in North Carolina Cities and Counties

    January 6, 2003
    By the Numbers 2003: What Government Costs in North Carolina Cities and Counties is the fourth in a series of studies that examine local taxes, fees, and charges in every North Carolina communities. Charlotte ranks first among major cities in combined local government costs per person, with Hickory, Durham, Wilmington, and Cary rounding up the top tier. Among large urban counties, Durham and Mecklenburg have relatively high costs as a percentage of personal income.
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    E-government: Saving Money While Better Serving Citizens

    January 5, 2003
    Former Indianapolis Mayor Stephen Goldsmith said that one of the greatest challenges facing local government is how to do more with less. This is certainly true for local governments in North Carolina. In the past two years, they have had to adjust to significantly more stringent budgetary constraints. This was brought on, in large part, by Governor Easley’s decision to withhold state reimbursements to counties and municipalities. Because of this localities are being forced to find innovative ways to balance their budgets.
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    North Carolina Politics Nears Parity

    November 7, 2002
    RALEIGH — A preliminary analysis of state and local results from North Carolina’s 2002 elections suggests that North Carolina is continuing its move toward political parity, said John Hood, president…
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    Study Finds No Ozone-Asthma Link

    October 24, 2002
    RALEIGH — There is no foundation for a widely suggested link between ground-level ozone, or “smog,” and asthma among children, according to a new study by the John Locke Foundation…